Monday, September 29, 2008

Frans Italian Delicatessen - 2nd and Hudson

Come for the Soppresatta, Stay for the Mutz

Check out both the hot, and sweet soppressatta at this most friendly of all the Hoboken Deli's.

I went with a mix of the hot and sweet with fresh mutz on a panini. (I accidentally ordered the panini which I would list as a mistake because the test of any italian deli is the bread)

Forget the italian roll. Go ahead and get the panini. You heard right, I said "get the panini" paisan. Pressed warm with a symphony of italia-riffic flavor.

Combine this with the newly released Canada Dry Ginger Ale/Green Tea. (which may get its own post later in the week for being the height of refreshment...)
Are you threatening HobokenSandwich!?!?
Hmmm, I thought not.

Hoboken Sandwich Arts & Music Festival

Sunday September 28 was the Fall Session of the twice annual Art & Music Festival in Hoboken. Our crack team (or crack addled team as it were) of sang-weech consuming, sandwich reviewing, and sandwich picture taking professionals was out en masse.

Pictured: Gyro Girl wondering why some dude wants a pic of her "sandwich"

Um, so can I tell you that there was a whole lot of debate about the caption for this photo.

We had to have a couple meetings because all the best ideas were socially unacceptable. Sorry. We came up with nothing usable.

Per usual the event was an absolute godsend for anyone who seeks meat, meat on a stick, meat sandwiches, gravy, fried dough with sugar, grilled corn on the cobb, and of course, cupcakes.

Hoboken Sandwich has been hired to fatten up America before China eats it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tony's Bakery & Deli - Italian Hoagie w/fresh Mutz

The Classic Italian with Fresh Mutz at an out of the way downtown deli. I'll definately be back for this. It may be the fresh baked italian bread. Big and hearty, like picking up a football.

If you don't know Tony's Bakery & Deli dont kick yourself. You are not alone.

Fresh Mutz
Tomato & Lettuce
a Bit Of Oil & Vinegar

Peekaboo. That is the good lovin daddy needs on a Tuesday afternoon.

When you walk into Tony's you know 2 things:

#1 Who killed Kennedy
#2 Sang'a-weech'a (sandwich, idiot)

No pomp.
No circumstance

Just an old fashioned deli making/baking their own fresh bread and putting the best ingredients on it.

$100 to any woman under 100 lbs who can eat more than me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fillipos on First - Anthony Special Sandwich

Fillipos on First -
Proving once again that the customer is always right

About 2 years ago Anthony Salvatore was making himself lunch as usual. As one of the proprietors of Fillipos on First he has both the passion and the pedigree to deliver masterful culinary experiences to his customers. But, on this day he was making a little something for himself that wasnt on the menu.

Chicken Cutlet
Vinegar Peppers
Onions, & Potato
Sauteed in a little tomato sauce
on an italian roll from Dom's bakery in Hoboken.

A customer saw Anthony making a different kind of sandwich with some sauteed ingredients and decided he needed one of those.

"I'll try one of those." And with those 5 words we brought the Anthony Special to life. A day or two later one a friend of that first customer came in looking for the same sandwich, and then another, and another. All looking for that "Anthony Special" that their friend had.

Next thing you know, they had to add it to the menu.

This sandwich is savory, sweet, and unique. This gets a 4 sandwich rating with a very likely award at our First Annual awards gala. Nuff said.

I am here to inform those who appreciate innovation in the sandwich arts.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hey you, with the little weenie! - Slider Dogs?

The slider is dead!
Everybody who is anybody has moved over to the mini-chili-dog.

Get with the program or be the laughing stock of all your friends talking behind your back.

Stay tuned for an in depth expose on the sudden collapse of the slider market.

In the coming weeks and months we will help the burger/dog loving public understand how these complicated market changes will affect the common citizen.

Pictured: Chili-dog-sliders with chopped red onion and cheese from "The Office" Beer Bar & Grille in Ridgewood, NJ. Yes, I know it is a chain restaraunt.

I am here to inform those who pretend to be gigantic while eating mini-food.

Late Night Sandwich - Gaslight

Just what the Dr. Ordered.
(If that Dr. wants you to experience myocardial infarction)

Gaslight on 4th and Adams in Hoboken is well known for its Tuesday Ladies Night entree specials and favorable gal/guy ratio.

Someday soon we will tell you about the special "golden treasure" to be had at gaslight, but today, it is the "Late Night Sandwich".

Warm Proscuitto
Fried Egg
Roasted Peppers
Baby Spinach
Spicy Mayo
& A Side of Potato Prepared in the French Style
In other words..........."wholesome goodness"

So this is pretty much food for suicidal maniacs. But it is a tasty treat. believes in moderation sometimes.

I am here to inform the artery clogging public.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting Baked for Cupcakes? - Only Magnolia

Landmark bakery now with 2 locations in NYC. One is just 5 min from Washington Street.

We're back on the PATH Train for some dessert.

Granted, many of you already know about this Greenwich Village institution. I just learned about Magnolia a few months back when I wanted to do something nice for a friend and Adam Lazzara of the 400 block of Jefferson Street in Hoboken suggested a quick trip on the PATH to Magnolia bakery. (Christopher St. Station or 9th St. Station.)
The only hitch is that this place is soooo gooooood, and soooo popular, you will find yourself in line on any weekend.

Late Night Hours for after hours cupcake binges
Lines of tourists on the weekend
Lines of families on the weekend
Singles with last nights conquest on the weekend
Attentive staff managing the herd of frenzied cakeheads
Excellent organization and service
If I lived next to this place I'd have a cupcake gut.

Sure, baking in the sun for an hour on the hottest and most humid day of the summer for cupcakes might seem an insane thing for a grown man, but.................... Actually, I'm not sure I have anything to add to that last thought.

Either way, every recipient of Magnolia goodies is invariably pleased with the sweet treats.
Therein lies the best endorsement.
Magnolia Bakery
401 Bleeker St.

Chocolate/Chocolate Cupcakes
Red Velvet Cupcakes

Can any Bakery/Sweet Shop challenge the local cupcake dominance of Magnolia Bakery? That is the question.

I am here to inform the cupcake loving masses.

Mini Burgers are the Key to My Mini Heart - Greenwich Village

"Things are just smaller in Greenwich Village", or so they say.

Fiddlesticks Pub & Grille - Sliders, sliders, sliders.

Nothing makes a man feel a greater sense of virility and power than picking up a mini burger and secretly pretending to be a giant while eating it.

Fiddlesticks Pub y Grille is mere steps from the PATH stops at both Christopher and 9th Street stations.

The options on the bar menu include:

"Pulled Pork" sliders
"Turkey Burger" sliders
and of course the classic slider Burger (pictured with monster onion ring)

Decent selection of tap beer, and a large outdoor seating area make Fiddlesticks an easy and fun trip from Hoboken.
56 Greenwich AveNew York, NY 10011(212) 463-0516 Click for Directions

I am here to inform the slider loving public.

Greenwich Village Street Festival

Visiting aa little town in a big city for some street eats.

A 7 minute PATH train from Hoboken and we are in the middle of Greenwich Village at a street festival with all the trimmings.

At right - Matt w/ grilled corn on the cobb

Below - the grilling guy for chicken gyro

First stop the grillin guy for some chicken and fries.
Our big eater grabbed the chicken gyro and I held off till a later stop.

Our second stop was the grilled corn on the cobb.

This was a very nice day to be in the city. And there are some really cool spots in this neighborhood.

Overall the chicken was pretty good, but grilled corn on the cobb won best in show on this particular street corner. Slathered with butter, salt, pepper, and what may have been Old Bay seasoning as well.

We are here to inform the street festival attending public.

Friday, September 19, 2008

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dirty Water Hot Dog at 59th & Lex

* Statistically speaking the average American eats about 40 lbs. of hot dog from street carts on an annual basis.

I found myself hustling through Mid-Town with a hankering for some knee-caps and anus on a roll. So I found me the nearest dirty-water-dog vendor and grabbed me some Americana.

This was your standard variety street dog. Out of the water, into the bun (and my heart). I opted for mustard and just a bit of sauerkraut. Anyone who puts ketchup on a hot dog should have it slapped from their hands and into the gutter.

I like the dirty water dog, and I always will.

There is not much more to say........

-Good with beer
-Open to most condiments

I am here to inform the anus eating public.
*Consumption statistics provided by Raj the hot dog guy

Piccolos on Clinton is a Sandwich Treasure

4 Sandwich Rated

Cheesesteak, Thy name is Piccolo's
Grilled Steak
Great Roll

This establishment is a genuine Hoboken Gem.

Piccolos at 90 Clinton Street
Cheesesteak and cherry peppers
Plaques from Piccolos facade

Stop in and visit Patty and the boys behind the counter. The cheesesteak (note-we did not say Philly Cheesesteak because it isn't) rarely disappoints.

Great homemade soups every weekday, with specials ranging from fried chicken, to ziti, to my favorite roast turkey & gravy sandwich. (Thursdays for the roast turkey)
I am here to inform the (non Philly) cheesteak eating public.

Farewell to Spicy Italian Sausage - and the house that Ruth built

4 Sandwich Rated

You will be missed, spicy italian sausage sandwich with peppers and onions. You will be missed.

On the evening of September 16th, 2008, Derek Jeter became the alltime hits leader at Yankee Stadium.

On the evening of September 16th, 2008, I had 2 spicy sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions at Yankee Stadium. This is a decent sized sandwich. For the purpose of scale, that is a 24 ounce Fosters in the pic above!

So Jeter gets the record just in time for a new stadium. This will make him the alltime hits leader in Yankee Stadium history for all of eternity.

My alltime favorite hit at Yankee Stadium has always been the Spicy Italian and a cold beer. This is a very eatable sandwich, with a typical quantity of 2 consumed. (USRDA) Sometimes, just to be daring I would add spicy brown mustard to my Spicy Italian to give it an extra zing. Or maybe I added mustard to an Italian sandwich because I am German/Irish and wanted some representation.

So if you have nothing better to do this weekend, you should try to catch the last game to be played at historic Yankee Stadium. And get the spicy sausage san'gweech. You'll thank me for it.

At top - 1st spicy italian sausage sandwich with peppers and onions
Above left - Derek Jeters Yankee Stadium hits 1270
Below - 2nd spicy italian sausage sandwich with peppers, onions, and mustard

I am here to honor sandwiches and national treasures.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rita's? Goldmine? Me thinks yes.

Lines stretch out the door on a daily basis. Nice problem to have.
There was a need to be addressed. I needed to get a big ice cream cone. This was the coffee and vanilla swirl with chocolate jimmies. I housed it.
Big fan of the waffle cone. Tonight was Ritas. Yesterday was Ben & Jerrys. I'm dedicated.

I'm here to inform those who use sugar to make the world OK.

5 Guys Burgers and Fries - Welcome to the Jungle

I'm flat stupid with anticipation of the pending opening of 5 Guys Burgers and Fries at 319 Washington Street. I've got my press invite and we're hoping for an exclusive interview with the proprietors when they cut the ribbon. I hope they understand the relatively high expectations around the well hyped powerhouse burger opening.
They key is the peanut oil. Pure and without cholesterol. They cook up famous fries either Five Guys Style or Cajun Style.
Expect a walk up joint with solid ass burgers in your grille.

So fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for a good ole' fashioned burger shootout. I'll be on the case providing up to the moment updates on the progressing oasis of meat.

We're thinking about a taste off between Five Guys and some of the local burger muscle. I like Greenrocks burger on an english muffin. Legizz-nit.

I'm here to inform the burger loving public.

Blimpie - Blimpies Best 7"

Welcome to the World's First Blimpie

The "Blimpies Best" is a handy sandwich. The 7" version is well sized and priced for a big-eaters' between meal snack. If you are a normal person with a normal appetite it will serve you well

Make no mistake, this is not the same product that we typically highlight here at Hoboken Sandwich. This is not some mom/pop deli with secret recipe's and the best bread in the world. This is the prototype for a chain of sandwich shops. This is a business development homage. I try and recognize the significance of all historical landmarks, not only the sandwich related landmarks.

This Blimpie location has a certain dated charm. It is a no frills, customer service friendly, sandwich factory of a different era. I'm not sure of the era, but it seems like a version of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's combined into an amalgam of time warped decor.

(Pictured at right: the Blimpie Best half eaten
Above: the facade of the nearly original Blimpie)

I am here to inform the sandwich loving public.

Best burger in town? Really? C'mon.

This is generally a very upbeat sandwich community. But "best burger in town, guaranteed" is a very strong statement. This bold claim has been posted outside of Juniors Papaya in Hoboken for a few months now. Everyone I know who reads that sign laughs. I must refute this claim of greatness.

The people who own Juniors are probably nice folks. Their marketing is just bad. People are not stupid. Not a single patron of your sandwich shop has ever thought your burger was the "best". Neither do you. Please think about that fact when you implore others to appreciate the greatness of your sandwich.

McDonalds does not tell you their food is gourmet. McDonalds simply tells you that "Billions and Billions" have eaten their burgers and not died en masse. It turns out this is all the reinforcement the burger eating public requires.

How do I know the marketing is bad?
A) Juniors is always near empty.
B) There are enough very, very good burgers in this town that people laugh when they read the sign guaranteeing the "best burger in town"
C) Half the people I have walked past this sign with want to know how Juniors might follow through on this guarantee they are offering? Money back?

Seems to me if you are going to be a burger joint in a town with a lot of places to get great burgers you should focus on something concrete.

"Only burger joint at this address, guaranteed!"
"Fastest burger in town, guaranteed!"
"It's a burger. Guaranteed!

It just seems like you should make it something relatively credible.
I had the burger. It was not worth mentioning, nor was it anywhere near as good as the following establishments:
Brass Rail
Johnny Rockets (cant go there anymore due to the stupid singing)
Mile Square
Hudson Tavern

Not a single one of these places makes outrageous claims. Just better burgers than Juniors Papaya.

Funny thing is that I would eat a mediocre burger if it was convienient, (I eat mediocre burritos all the time - No offense Qdoba) or if the place had world class fries or shakes. I just wont get it from a place that is screaming "best burger in town" at the top of their lungs while they make my mediocre burger.
I am here to protect the sandwich loving public from wildly innacurrate claims.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Frozen Monkey - Egg Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Four Sandwich Rated

Tough to improve on this one, huh? You might think so until you head to the Frozen Monkey between 5th and 6th on Washington Street. First things first. Butter. A shitload of butter. Perfectly cooked egg, and salty ham round out the simple classic. The roll
tastes like Calandra's Bakery to me. A french baguette.

Frozen Monkey also has cool local art on the walls, a groovy soundtrack in the background, and Tasti-D-Lite to enrapture all your senses at one time. Get down on that.

If you know a great egg sandwich this would be the time to share. But only if you are willing to produce a pic upon request.
You may disagree with my opinion but you'd be wrong and likely embarrassed in the long run.

The grip used on a toasted sandwich is of paramount importance. Care must be taken not to crush and experience "content drop".
I am here to inform the sandwich loving public.
(pictured to left: ham, egg, and cheese
above right: egg and cheese
above left: egg and cheese openfaced)

La Isla Hoboken - Pollo Asado Sandwich

4 Sandwich Rated

The Pollo Asado (grilled chicken) sandwich at La Isla Cafeteria is sublime. I cannot say it is the best sandwich in town, or even the best chicken sandwich; but I would not argue with someone who did.

If you have been to La Isla you know they use fresh, high quality ingredients. So you'd expect a pretty decent sandwich. This baby is a symphony of a few simple ingredients that combine to form a sumtuous harmony of flavor.

Fresh lettuce and tomato usually does nothing for me on a sandwich. But the combination including perfectly grilled chicken, generous fresh onion, and fried potato sticks on a cuban roll is beyond complimentary to the usually boring lettuce/tomato move.

Top this off with a famous cafe con leche at this highly regarded Cuban gem and go back to work.

If you disagree with me you are probably taste challenged. This being the case feel free to comment and give a voice to people with your particular handicap.

I am here to inform the sandwich loving public.

(Pictured above left: Pollo Asado uncovered
above right: Pollo Asado and Shrimp & Chorizo appetizer)